22 Steps to Using Auctioneer Correctly

There’s a lot of information to sort through when bidding, buying, or posting items on the auction house. In fact it’s too much for any one person to realistically accomplish on his/her own. How can you possibly keep track of literally thousands of item prices as well as predict their values at any given time? Well thankfully there’s a little piece of freeware called auctioneer.

Go to google.com and search for auctioneer, then download the safest working version (not beta). Install the addon and place it in your World of warcraft/Interface/AddOns folder.

Now make sure to exit wow if you have it running so that it will read the new addon into its addon options at start up. Enter your information and select the character who will use auctioneer. At the bottom of the screen is the addons button, click it and make sure that Auctioneer is set up for at least this toon. Enter the world and head to your nearest auction house. I recommend thunder bluff because you can remain mounted from mail box to auction house and they are insanely close. Also the guild bank is in the open if your character has one for easy storage.

1. Open the auction house tab.
2. Type /aadv getall.
3. When the scan completes, mouse over the hidden set of icons just under your mini-map.
4. Select the second option from the right which looks like a magnifying glass. It’s the
Appraiser tab.
5. Select Vendor from search options
6. Put 50 silver as your minimum profit.
7. Using the purchase option, spam it until every item disappears from the list. These items will always net you money, regardless of whether you vendor or resell them.
8. Accept purchase for each and when you are done confirm them.
9. Select the Resale from searches options
10. Put 50 silver as your minimum profit.
11. Sort by quality of items so that white items show up first and select purchase for each item that looks like a good deal. Compare the bid/buyout price with what you think the item will sell for. Be mindful of ridiculously priced items which can trick auctioneer. You can look below the list of items to compare your currently selected item with all others currently on the auction house.
12. If you wish you can do the other quality items as well.
13. Select done.
14. Go to your mail box.
15. DO NOT PASS GO. DO NOT COLLECT 200 GOLD. Just kidding :)-
15. Empty the mail box into your bags.
16. Go to the auction house. Open the auction house tab.
17. Select Appraiser at the far bottom right of your normal auction house tab.
18. For each item, use the first horizontal bar to select the size of each stack to sell. If the item is not that susceptible to flooding you can leave the total number to sell at ALL. If the item is susceptible to flooding, such as rare twink items, then reduce the number you wish to sell at any one time.
19. Select the enable batch post check box.
20. Select the enable market pricing check box.
21. When you have finished every item, shift+control+alt click on the Batch Post button.
22. When all the auctions are finished posting you can close all tabs and you’re done!

Next time you log in simply empty your mailbox and then head over to the auction house to repeat the process. As you do this you will most likely gather far more items than you sell, so making money may take a few days but the gold will come in exponentially as your total number of auctions increases. You should aim to make half your money back the first day. By the second day you should have most if not all of it back and by the third day you should be easily making money. As you build up and get to the point where you are posting a thousand or more auctions a day you will be handling as much as five thousand gold per day on the auction house.

It doesn’t get easier and now you have the step by step guide to become rich in wow. Combine auctioneer with my farming strategies and you’ve found the best way to make gold in wow.

Let me know in the comments section if any part of this guide is confusing or requires more explanation!