My Favorite Addon

Mommar here.

Over the amount of time during my Warcraft ‘career’ I’ve added and deleted a cubic ethereal ton of add-ons. Some performed one specific duty such as keeping track of how many attempts I ran Sekketh Halls to obtain my Raven mount. Others performed much more complex tasks such as Trade Skill Master. Each become very important in the overall setup of performing tasks towards gold making.

But one add-on is the most powerful add-on I have. Without it I would be crippled in my exploring of gold making tasks.  It’s taken years and year for me to develop and is so important that I would guard it with my Warcraft life.

It’s my Notebook that sits next to my computer (yeah, I know. Cheesy).

There are all sorts of note taking tools that can be used as add-ons. And with more and more powerful computers, it’s just as easy to swap between windows to bring up Springpad or notepad or lily pad or whatever you choose to keep notes. When I first started playing WOW, my computer just barely crawled over the minimum requirements for the game. My video settings were at the lowest they could be and I was tanking with a 6fps. You can imagine how my monitor whined at the end of any boss battle that covered the entire screen with flashing lights. Ultimately I upgraded my computer to a much better setup but I still remained conservative in how I did my note taking.

I used to note everything that I did or bought in Warcraft. Looked for trends and researched offline and even noted players that I grouped with that didn’t fit my view of how to play. Keeping records for my guild was an extension of this record keeping. Now that I do not run as much with my guild I do not keep as detailed records as I did from the start.

But what I do still have is copious notes on financial trends and expectations in the market. It’s how my brain organizes information. Your brain may do something different and that it becomes easier to use much more computer based ways to keep your notes.The important part of this is that you are looking for trends and keeping track of your decision making. Some trends repeat itself every season. Others are one time deals that are here and gone.

“Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”
George Santayana

This ideal doesn’t just apply in real life but also in your Warcraft life. Your mistakes should not be repeated while your successes should build you to the next step. The notetaking will allow you to know which is which.

So buy yourself a notebook and a good pen and keep your own personal gold making journal. You might be surprised just how much you can learn when you put pen to paper.