That Thing You Do… Revisited

Everyone in their lives has that one person who just doesn’t understand why we play online video games. They come back with something they heard about how games are addicting. How it can lead to mental health problems. How even one guy died because he played so long at one point.

I’ve told my story before when it came to starting playing World of Warcraft. It was a rehab project for when I was trying to strengthen my body. I would go to my rehab classes, but end up in so much discomfort it was difficult to find something to do that took my mind off of what was going on.

A friend of mine suggested I give World of Warcraft a try. She spoke highly of her guild and her enjoyment of the game. So I loaded up a copy on my computer and jumped head first.

Now, almost 7 years later and I’m still enjoying not just the time I spend playing WOW, but also everything that has developed over the years. Through World of Warcraft I started writing in journals and on different projects. Even to the point of taking a position here on JMTC as the chief writer and bottle washer.

So keep in mind exactly why you play this game and what you get out of it. Does it sharpen your ability to see bargains in real life? Does it help with your interaction with others? Does it spark the creative bug in your life?

What you get out of World of Warcraft is completely up to you. So enjoy the game and enjoy what it brings out of you.